Reviewing Late-Night Study Snacks at Yale

Design by Sara Offer

At Yale, we are constantly working, and late nights require proper fuel. When it is 1 a.m., and I am posted up in the Silliman library, hours away from sleep, I always begin to crave a pick me up. So, I present to you the ultimate list of my favorite late-night study snacks at Yale. 

I often crave the Marco Pollo penne alla vodka. It’s to die for. I eat this as comfort food on nights when I am cramming before a test or scrambling to finish a 10-page paper. You know, the nights where you have a headache from staring at your computer, or you’ve studied so long you end up dreaming about your test. Though this pasta dish is always there to comfort me, I always regret it in the morning when I am still full and have a stomach ache during an exam. This experience may be unique to me—but probably not—so I rate it a 10/10 in the moment, 0/10 in the morning. 

Next, we have the Silliman buttery quesadilla. These quesadillas are not necessarily extraordinary, but they always hit the spot. They have my back every Sunday to Thursday, for only $1.50 a pop. 10/10.

Another thing I find myself frequenting is granola—specifically Kind Almond Butter Granola—straight out of the bag. A lot of the time, I buy myself Greek yogurt to have with granola for breakfast. At night, I’m often manspreading on my couch, crunching on what’s left of the bag and dropping the crumbs in the sofa’s crevices. It is never really worth it. 4.5/10.

Hummus and carrots are another go-to snack for me, and my only healthy go-to snack. When I am stressed and swamped with work—unable to make time to take care of myself and workout and sleep and eat well during the week—this is an excellent snack that ensures I still have some nutrients running through my system. This snack is pretty guilt-free and super yummy. But it will never be as tasty as Marco Polo pasta. 7.5/10. 

Lastly, I eat sour shark candies from G-Heav whenever I am in my friends’ common room. These blue sugar-covered gummy sharks are always there for me. My friends and I love to munch on these sour candies: every time this snack is around, we finish the whole box with no regrets. 8.8/10.

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