Hot or Not

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Midterms are over. Nice professors hand out candy. You can get drunk in costume. Halloweek is finally upon us!

Forget the existential dread you felt when you returned from fall break. It is time to put last week’s rest and relaxation to good use, and prepare for the scariest event of the year: Hallowoads. If you were lucky enough to get a ticket, that is. Otherwise, dress up and drink up anyway, because I’m sure you’ll find something interesting to do!

Once we hit November 1, please don’t talk to me for three business days. I already asked for an extension on a paper so that I am able to spend Halloweek to its fullest potential. 


Perhaps, by now, this gripe is old news. And yet, I must repeat it: I had assignments due in the middle of break. In my opinion, this is foul. 

Before break—fine. After break—fine. The Wednesday night after it starts? The Friday afternoon in the middle of it? Come on, now. 

If you had to work over break, I am sorry. If you didn’t—and could somehow find peace of mind without opening your laptop—I am very jealous of you. Maybe you should teach a class at the Good Life Center. 

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