Harold Recommends (Oct. 8, 2022)

  1. No Nut November: I could be having sex if I wanted to…
  2. HappyLight lamps: say goodbye to seasonal depression!
  3. Looking disgruntled: stop being put together. No.  
  4. Learning Karate: sticks and stones may break your bones but bullies will run screaming. 
  5. The Lego model of ​​Schwarzman Center: tuition money well spent.
  6. Crying: yum! salty!
  7. Crafting sock puppets: the easiest way to make a new friend.
  8. Baby Keem’s new song “Naked Freestyle”: coming to a naked party near you.
  9. Staring longingly at the gates of Harvard Stadium: everyone has a villain origin story…
  10. Confronting your lactose intolerance: it’s not a medical insensitivity, it’s a mental weakness.

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