Hot or Not 

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Hot & Not is Hailey O’Connor’s (PC ’24) Massie Block-style assessment of what’s hot and what’s not each week.

This one goes out to the Residential College Writing Tutors. I would be nowhere without you. You are so hot. 

I live my life on the Poorvu Center’s calendar. When I book an appointment, I log on at 8 a.m. sharp. I rearrange my whole schedule just to get my favorite tutor. Or, to be more exact, to not get my least favorite tutors. I will never forget this one lady who asked me if I had ever taken an English class before. (I am an English major.) Beyond that little tiff, their edits have saved my papers countless times, often by an entire letter grade or more. I have gone to a tutor for every paper I’ve written since the beginning of last year—they are truly Yale’s best resource!

Why are people asking me about course registration? Why has that snuck up on me? I am just confused by Pericles Lewis, to be honest. Why are all the classes registering on different days? What happened to collaborative learning across classes? What happened to equitable course registration? Oftentimes, it is one upper-level seminar that can influence the trajectory of your Yale career. Now, the younger classes have a much harder chance of getting into lauded courses like “Daily Themes” or “Life Worth Living.” I find this deeply unfair and antithetical to what we are supposed to be getting out of a Yale education. Do better, Pericles!

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