Hot or Not

Design by Anasthasia Shilov

For the Yale Herald’s last fall semester issue, I am so glad to report the absolute hottest of hots on Yale’s Campus: The Well. 

Here I am in the Underground, minding my own business. It’s 5 p.m. and I’m getting tired. To be honest, I’m getting the urge to drink, too. Lo and behold, The Well opens its wide (and beautiful!) doors. I quickly convince my friends to share a 5 o’clock drink with me, and we all decide that a glass of wine would do the trick. 

(It is also very hot that I am 21. The ID scanner at the entrance was—and I am not making this up—stricter than an airport.) 

Once inside, The Well is a grotto of wonderful vibes. The seating is gorgeous. The aesthetic is gorgeous. The prices? Gorgeous. There is $5 tap wine that went down scarily easily. They also have wonderful snacks. I recommend the pretzel bites and the hummus. (The charcuterie board could use some work. The cheese was very salty.) 

One of my professors gently reminded us to fill out the course evaluation form. He said he couldn’t wait to get feedback from this class, and to please feel free to write negative comments as well! And yet, at the end of the conversation, he intentionally revealed that he will be up for tenure this year, and will be personally evaluated on these comments. 

I have so much beef with this. I wanted to write a negative review—being that the course is probably one of my least favorites, ever—but I am deeply hesitant to do so given he is up for tenure. I don’t want to affect somebody’s livelihood? But I also don’t want to skew the coursetable reviews that have helped my life so many times? 

I am in an ethical pickle. Not hot.

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