Design by Anasthasia Shilov

*a sharpie is a type of sailboat from new haven 

Turning from the port, 
I said “My,” to the slim 
stiletto hull swaying 
in the harbor. “Oh smooth 
watercraft,” I said. 
The waves rippled 
in satisfaction and said, 
“What a line her body 
makes, how smooth 
the underside of her frame.” 
The shellfish breathed 
a familiar song 
to the mossy crags, 
so I said, 
“Oh dusky 
harbor with grass growing
up from the sand, tell me 
what the lapping waters 
speak of.” 
The sharpie dropped 
her sail from the mast 
and I said, 
“Oh lithe vessel.” 
She swayed and we fell 
into the choppy waters 
and when the shellfish 
had ceased singing 
and the sun was softly glowing, 
I said, 
“The Sound 
tonight noiseless seems 
to be the nothing that lays 
beyond the lands.” 
My hair floated in the wind 
and I have never seen 
a horizon as beautiful 
since, sun dipping down
to the endless waters. 
Her deck touched my feet 
so I said, 
“Smooth vessel,” 
and the wind whipped 
the words from my mouth; 
And I cast about in 
the growing dark for signs 
of onlookers as the algae 
eyed the grasses ashore 
from the safety of the swelling waves.

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