Hot or Not

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Hot or Not is Hailey O’Connor’s Massie Block-style assessment of what’s hot and what’s not each week. 


This semester, I decided to prevent myself from buying an onslaught of takeout dinners. Therefore, I packed my dad’s car with every food item I could possibly need. Granted, this grocery run might only last me a week, but it’s better than nothing at all. 

This week’s “Hot” is dedicated to Chobani Cold Brew. I have been stanning Chobani and their flavorful yet healthy Greek yogurt since day one. They even make Greek yogurt without lactose, which is a wonder. And yet, Chobani Cold Brew takes the cake for the best innovation. The slender carton fits perfectly in my dorm room refrigerator and packs enough caffeine punch to drag me out of bed and into the real world. 


We all know what’s not hot this week. Do I even need to write it? 

The start of classes brings me pain. Hustling to LC for another semester, climbing the wretched stairs, and breathing the stuffy air, just to be told that I need to read 300 pages and that I’m uncultured in Elizabethan history. Gone are the lawless days of winter recess, when I did nothing but rot away on TikTok. 

I know this is pointless to complain about. Classes are the entire reason we are at Yale. But can you blame me for not wanting to turn my brain on? For not wanting to have critical thoughts? I’m counting down the days to the weekend already.

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