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Welcome to Tyler Recommends, by Tyler Watts: a public intellectual, a pleasure to have in class, a baby mystic who some would say is fun at parties. 

We Are Who We Are

A coming of age show set on an American military base in Italy in 2016. This world crafted by Luca Guadagnino exhibits the human struggle with the change that comes both in adolescence and adulthood. The series is a character study that oscillates between tension and levity with an eclectic cast, Chloё Sevigny and Kid Cudi among them. The show gets angry, awkward, sexual, and political in a way that is not always enjoyable, but still somehow insatiably watchable.

Time Passages mobile app|

Do not let your Co–Star continue to bully you, we’ve gotta break free! Time Passages is an astrology app that’s actually accurate (if you’ll believe it). It shows the world’s current chart with the signs that each planet is in, along with your birth chart and a comprehensive horoscope explained in detail. This is astrology communicated in a fashion that is neither cryptic nor overly stylized, so you can genuinely learn something from it.

“679” by Fetty Wap feat. Remy Boyz 

“She walk past I press rewind to see that ass one more time.” I think this is a moving commentary on the temporality of lust and the immortalization of beauty through intangible memory. What Fetty Wap seeks to objectify is fleeting, so his vision of her ass is mere ephemera. His efforts to reclaim such a sight are futile. It will escape him and mean nothing by the end of the song. It’s nothing. We are all nothing. It reminds me of The Virgin Suicides, which is about a similar thing. Overall: I recommend bringing more 2015-2016 rap back to parties.

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