Hot or Not 

Design by Anasthasia Shilov


Wow. It is so hard to find something “hot” these days. The weather is miserable, I am miserable, etc. 

I got into a seminar I really wanted! That’s hot. And better yet, the seminar was a scheduling conflict with Drugs, Brain and Behavior. I was thrilled to have an excuse to drop my science credit—I had a feeling it was about to ruin my life. I even stayed in on Friday to read the textbook, which is embarrassing, concerning, and off-brand, and I literally never need to do that again. 

Goodbye to the 1.5 weeks I was a STEM girlie. I am back to being a hot English major girlie instead. 


I lost my umbrella the other day. I feel sad. 

My friend had just said to me, “If there was one item that represented you, it would be your umbrella.” I was holding the umbrella at the time, so the comment wasn’t unprompted. Yet it was such a huge compliment. I had this tiny, rainbow polka-dot umbrella that fit perfectly in my backpack. 

Now, I have to carry around this big-ass black umbrella that makes me feel like a tryhard. Ugh.

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