Harold Recommends (Feb. 5, 2023)

  1. Belly button rings: like a doorbell for your tummy. DING DONG!
  2. Love Island UK Season 9: big boobs and british baccents.
  3. Keeping your mind in the gutter: Pennywise lives there.
  4. Daniel Caesar’s new song “Do You Like Me?”: lowkey pick me energy, but good vibes.
  5. Reviving board games: they are fun and flat like the Earth!
  6. Future History by Jason Derulo: it may be over a decade old, but the future is history…
  7. House music at parties, but not Drake. Please no more Drake. 
  8. Celibacy: this ain’t the sex issue. Yet.
  9. Not being able to grow facial hair: no crumbs in this imaginary beard!
  10. Normalizing pajamas at 4 PM: take your jean off, bitch.

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