Notes On/Towards A/What Is

Design by Karela Palazio

Notes on “Notes On/Towards A/What Is”; or, Towards a collection of academic paper titles; or, What is it that we’re studying?

“Notes On/Towards A/What Is” is a triptych of found poems composed of academic paper titles. The top 1,000 Google Scholar results for each phrase were downloaded, alphabetized, and selectively compiled. Only papers beginning with each respective phrase were selected from the results. No paper titles have been changed. In short, every line is a real publication.

Notes on

Notes on (field) notes
Notes on a new paradigm
Notes on a schema for stories
Notes on an unfinished novel

Notes on a systematic deployment of the acknowledgement tokens “yeah”; and “mm hm”

Notes on an alternative model—neither/nor
Notes on banana taxonomy
Notes on black-hole evaporation
Notes on decomposition methods
Notes on denotation and denoting

Notes on distressed genres
Notes on ethical scenarios of self on British reality TV
Notes on class
Notes on capital and peasantry
Notes on England
Notes on Idiocy

Notes on existence and necessity
Notes on logic
Notes on metaphor
Notes on method
Notes on noses
Notes on the post-industrial society (I)
Notes on the post-industrial society (II)
Notes on pain, depression, and individuation

Notes on Science and the Crisis
Notes on self-colonising cultures
Notes on the social war
Notes on the paths and stability of cracks
Notes on shamelessness

Notes on taxicab geometry

Notes on the Take-off
Notes on the Comedown

Notes on the crayfishes
Notes on the Development of a Child
Notes on the Development of my Concepts
Notes on the mind–body question

Notes on the laboratory culture of the octopus larvae

Notes on the path and wake of a gas bubble rising in pure water
Notes on analysis and severe-storm forecasting procedures of the Air Force Global Weather Central

Notes on the simulation of evolution
Notes on the nature and development of general theories
Notes on the history of correlation

Towards a

Towards a methodology for building ontologies
Towards a new typology of crises
Towards a definition of life

Towards a “global” definition of the comfort of earplugs
Towards a metamusic

Towards a basic psychoanalytic model
Towards a phenomenological definition of the term ‘gel’

Towards a relational model of workplace aggression
Towards a better aspirin
Towards a theory of chronic pain
Towards a better measure of customer experience

Towards a new architecture
Towards a better modelling and assessment of construction risk

Towards a compulsory curriculum
Towards a game theory of game
Towards a general theory of action and time

Towards a general theory of adaptive walks on rugged landscapes
Towards a methodology for rock mechanics modelling

Towards a political economy of old age
Towards a new economics
Towards a new manifesto
Towards a reasonable libertarianism
Towards a common language for systems praxis

Towards a reference ultrasonic cavitation vessel. Part 1: Preliminary investigation of the acoustic field distribution in a 25 kHz cylindrical cell

Towards a comprehensive theory of human learning
Towards a science of magic

Towards a theoretical understanding
Towards a theory of supply chain management

Towards a global culture?
Towards a classless society?
Towards a moneyless world?
Towards a universal memory?

What is

What is communication?
What is competence?
What is complexity?
What is critique?
What is culture?

What is beyond the big five? Plenty!

What is it like to be a bat?
What is a species, and what is not?
What is life?

What is art for?
What is art?

What is the History of Books?
What is a Book?
What is a word, what is a sentence?

What is an Infomercial?
What is knowledge?
What is the future?
What is an Event?

What is a Child?
What is a City?
What is a disaster?

What is a good forecast? An essay on the nature of goodness in weather forecasting

What is average and what is not average about attractive faces?
What is beautiful is good, but…: A meta-analytic review of research on the physical attractiveness stereotype.

What is empathy and can it be taught?
What is gossip about? An alternative hypothesis

What is it about 20-somethings?
What is IBS?
What is inside?

What is mathematical truth?
What is mathematics, really?

What is the business of organized crime?
What is the critical pH and why does a tooth dissolve in acid?
What is the Problem about Corruption?
What is the Problem with Experts?

What is this thing called happiness?
What is this thing called pain?
What is so bad about contradictions?

What is to be Done?

What is an Editor?
What is an Author

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