Hot or Not: SEX 

Design by Anasthasia Shilov

Hot or Not is Hailey O’Connor’s Massie Block-style assessment of what’s hot and what’s not each week. 


Hmmm. Thinking about sex is hard. I firmly believe that anything will be hot if it’s done by the right person. Chemistry is so, so important for hot sex! 

Chemistry comprises a combination of pheromones and vibes. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should get back out there. Forget about the way people look—we are not shallow. In this ever-increasingly STEM world, chemistry is king. 

On a more physical note, morning sex is also super hot. If you’re not into it, don’t bother sleeping over. 


To be honest with you, my situationship just ended. Therefore, I conclude that the least hot sex is the kind that you’re not having. Everything else is a win in my book. 

Just think about it. If the sex is great, you have physical pleasure. If the sex is bad, you have something to tell your friends about at Sunday dinner. If you’re not having sex? You might as well not even come to Sunday dinner because you will be miserable; all your friends will talk about the sex they are having, and all you will be able to do is reminisce. (THIS IS NOT ABOUT ME. THIS HAS NEVER, NOT ONCE, OCCURRED. I HAVE ONLY HEARD RUMORS OF THIS SCENARIO.)

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