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I feel like I never do music recommendations. One hot album—well, an EP—I have had on repeat is Kelsea Ballerini’s Rolling Up the Welcome Mat

For those who aren’t into country music (lame) or Call Her Daddy (super lame), I am happy to introduce you to Ballerini. She is the cutest little blonde country singer who just divorced another Australian country singer, Morgan Evans. They have done one collab “Dance with Me,” which was just okay. Morgan Evans isn’t nearly as famous as her, even though he’s nearly 10 years her senior. Suspiciously, he had a lot more to gain from their marriage … 

I think my favorite music niche is country singers who make albums about their divorce. Rolling up the Welcome Mat rivals Kacey Musgraves’ Golden Hour in my opinion. 

However, if we’re going to talk about individual songs, Musgraves holds onto my favorite song—and the best divorce song of all time—“Space Cowboy.”


I am literally so lonely because everyone is studying for midterms, but I do not have any right now. I genuinely have been going to the library just to sit by my friends and bask in their presence. However, this is exactly as fun as you think it would be because now I’m co-opting everyone’s stress into my own body. 

I had to leave Starr the other day and go touch grass because it was way too depressing in there. I might have to revert to social media for human connection soon.

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