Hot or Not

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The sun is out and I am happy again. I nearly forgot what it was like to be happy at Yale—it was a long and dreary winter. 

I’m crowdsourcing friends to go on East Rock walks with me. I clocked 14 miles this past weekend, so I am going to need 1) a person who will talk to me, 2) a person who can walk at a 16-minute mile pace (no slower but also no faster), and 3) somebody who wants to go to that new ice cream shop Elena’s. I prefer to do this in the middle of the day, so my walking friend might also need a flexible course schedule. 

That’s all I need, and I will be happy. Sunlight, thank you for warding away the demons of seasonal affective disorder. 


I am sort of scared for these next five weeks. Everyone will be so out and about, and I’m not sure I’m ready for that chaos. Everyone will be perched on Cross Campus, which means I need to look presentable every day. No longer can I hole up in my room, wearing my T-shirt that has a picture of two frogs kissing. Now, I need to start wearing colors and sunscreen and face my demons (men). The outdoors is no longer a safe space. 

Late spring is a time when you are constantly perceived. Not really into that.

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