Harold Recommends (April 9, 2023)

  1. Tax evasion: if my father does it, why shouldn’t I?
  2. Contraception: the only things we’re conceiving this week are good ideas.
  3. Gettin’ Old by Luke Combs: not as old as yo momma.
  4. Digging: who knows what you might find??
  5. Copping the English major tote bag: two-strappers are fucking nerds.
  6. “SEARCH & RESCUE” by Drizzy: we were lost, but the goat has saved us once again.   
  7. Season 4 of Normal Gossip: fuck Nora for not returning Caroline’s blender.
  8. Four cups of wine: why make it a seder thing when it could be a daily thing?
  9. Betting on bog snorkeling: how do you think I’m paying my rent?
  10. The right to own property: free the Herald.

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