A group of pithy, sincere, and scathing flash reviews from some friendly faces on campus.

Anya Razmi (PC ’24):

Jensen McRae’s 2022 album Are You Happy Now? is precise and devastating. Singles like “Adam’s Ribs” (Eve’s heartsickness after the fall of man), “My Ego Dies At The End” (McRae’s elegy for her former self), and “Dead Girl Walking” (an ode to modern-day numbness) form a picture of womanhood that is tragic, triumphant, and resilient. McRae’s lyricism is cutting, marking the emerging artist as a genuine and original writer. 

Simon Billings (SY ’25):

Reverend William Barber II’s College Tea was profoundly moving. He spoke about how disability and prophecy can sometimes go together. Moses had a speech disorder. Jeremiah had depression. Elijah, PTSD. Paul, a thorn in his side. MLK, a breathing disorder while he was having his dream on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, having been stabbed a few days earlier in the chest. The list went on; it goes on. 

Maude Lechner (BK ’24, Herald staff):

The Barbie movie trailer absolutely killed it. That’s how you do a trailer. I am enticed, I am enraptured, and I have absolutely no clue what’s going to happen in the actual movie.

Tetsu Kurumisawa (BR ’25):

“IDK You Yet” by Alexander 23 is the perfect song for a rainy day. I keep myself busy in an attempt to distract myself, running from classes to rehearsals to meals. In the end, the walk between activities is the most healing. With “IDK You Yet” playing in my AirPods, I’m forced to face the inevitable melancholy I often push aside.

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