Hot or Not 

Design by Anasthasia Shilov


Est Est Est is hot hot hot. 

Late hours, greasy food, close to Pierson—the holy trinity of restaurant qualities, in my opinion. My go-to order is a chicken Caesar wrap with avocado. (I know it’s not greasy but sometimes I really crave vegetables at night.) The wrap is massive and they always put in tons of chicken. Not to mention a complimentary bag of chips! It just makes me smile. 

Life hack: They definitely lie about Snackpass times. They give themselves more time than they need, so your food is usually ready before the timer is up. You’re welcome. 


To be honest, I struggled to come up with something “not” this week. Not because everything is dandy, but indeed because almost everything is not hot. Having found myself with a conundrum of ugliness, dreariness, and unhappiness, what shall I choose? Where shall I start? 

I am just not feeling very funny this week. Unfortunately, that makes me my own not hot.

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