Harold Recommends (April 23, 2023)

  1. Zillow: find us a new office. 
  2. Apologizing to your local white woman: sorry for your loss of Jaylor.
  3. Chewing erasers: rumor is they work better wet.
  4. Touching grass: Taurus season. Also, 4/20. 
  5. Beau is Afraid: to be honest, I am afraid.
  6. Deleting Fizz: it was destined to turn out like Librex…
  7. Indian Matchmaking Season 3: true love exists.
  8. Chicken Gardein: like real chicken but moist.
  9. The Pope’s Exorcist: bippity boppity boo! 
  10. Spoiling your girl: rumor is they work better wet.

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