Hot or Not

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Alright guys. If you care about female pleasure, you went to the Community Health Educators Sex Fair. Two of my sexually empowered besties helped run it (go besties go) and it was so silly and fun. There was a spin-off of pin the tail on the donkey—if you know then you know. All I have to say is that straight men were very scared to play this game. Unsurprising. The prizes to the game included heart-shaped sunglasses and a mini vibrator. Both of which, especially the latter, are adorable. 

There was a very detailed love languages quiz, too. I already knew mine was Acts of Service, so I was not at all surprised at my result. If your love language is also Acts of Service, please text me. I’m looking for love. 

We need to do a Yale Herald x CHE collab. Just think about all of the joy and education we could bring to the public!


This is the biggest first-world problem I might ever document in this column. 

I’m getting really sad it’s almost summer because I will miss the New Haven restaurant scene. I feel like I haven’t been able to eat out too much this semester—because I have no time and no money. 

I miss my restaurants, and I know they miss me too. The Geronimo’s waiter DMs me from time to time to tell me that he misses his bestie, he’s working tonight, and that I should come in for margaritas. Thank God at least somebody misses me.

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