symptoms of loneliness

Design by Anasthasia Shilov

  • the squirrels are strangely friendly to you.
  • the skeletons of winterbarren trees begin to reach out to you as you walk past. 
  • the longing for a warm bath never ends, even when your fingertips prune and your hair sags against your face in the tub.
  • you start to understand the noises whales make. 
  • the fly buzzing around your room is more comforting than you’d like. 
  • you play catch with the falling leaves.
  • you can no longer feel the seam along the tip of the mismatched socks on your feet.
  • the cookies don’t soften in your tea.
  • you sit in front of the agave americana flower, waiting for it to open.
  • you hug your overheating laptop for warmth; its overworked sighs put you to sleep.
  • laying on the floor is better than the cushions, better than the bed.
  • you wake up for the sunrise; the sunrise wakes you up.
  • the dishes don’t pile up. 
  • you hang your keychain out of your pocket so it can see the world. 
  • your hands don’t shake when you light the candle on your bedside table; the smell is unfamiliar every time; the smoke never blows in your face.
  • the oranges aren’t sour anymore.

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