Harold Recommends (April 30, 2023)

  1. How I Met Your Mother: can’t remember but the sex was aight.
  2. Milk: oat, almond, breast, goat—you name it, I’ll drink it. 
  3. Dudes named Oedipus: hehe *eyes emoji* 
  4. 1-877-Kars4Kids: met my mom like this 5/5 stars!
  5. MILFS: not my mom, well actually wait ahhh idk this is weird.
  6. Mother’s Day: they worked hard for it.
  7. Lady Bird: I loveddd watching this one with my mom! 
  8. Lesbianism: two is better than one!
  9. The Talk: wait it goes in WHAT???
  10. Daddies: like…i guess?

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