The Goofy White Man

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Ask Joehoru is a weekly column where Joanna (JE ’25) answers her Instagram followers’ questions. DM her @joehoru or watch out for a weekly question sticker on her story to get her thought-provoking answers.

Q: How do you resist a white man that’s a little goofy with it?
A: This is an embarrassing start to the column. Maybe if I tap into the white boy psyche I can answer this in a dignified way. Walk with me.

Okay. Imagine being a white boy. This is really hard if you are not a white boy. And especially hard if you’re a POC woman. But try to imagine it.

You’re probably really bored right now. Okay, great. This is my point. Being a white boy is probably boring. And usually they are boring. And if you’re a POC, the idea of being with a white boy sounds boring. And usually it is.

Now imagine being a funny white boy. God. Okay. This is scary. Because now they’re slightly bearable. Maybe now you think they’re unique? That doesn’t even mean anything. And now you can’t stop thinking about his stupid jokes? And you’re stalking his Twitter to see if he’s tweeted any bangers? Is he actually funny? Yes? Fuck. You’ve fallen for the goofy white boy.

So to answer your question—you resist a goofy white boy by avoiding all white boys. At least until we figure out what’s going on.

Q: Joehoru, why do you fall victim to goofy white men?
A: Okay. I think we’re out of time. Tune in next week when I answer more of your compelling questions.

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