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Ask Joehoru is a weekly column where Joanna (JE ’25) answers her Instagram followers’ questions. DM her @joehoru or watch out for a weekly question sticker on her story to get her thought-provoking answers.

Hey everyone. We got some great questions lined up for this week. In this edition: nightmare blunt rotations, thoughts on electrons, lunch suggestions, and shapes. And LOVE.

Q: I love u

A: I love you too. We need to spread more love at Yale.

Q: Wait fuq that wasn’t a question. My bad, FUCK

A: It’s okay. I still love you.

Q: Nightmare blunt rotation with current real yale students?

A: Someone from the YDN. Someone in Fence. Arthur Delot-Vilain. Emmett Solomon. Josh Vargas. But I actually don’t believe in a nightmare blunt rotation because people are lovely. I only have love in my heart and I’m a lover and I actually have never hated anything in my life (do NOT read my piece in the Herald First-Year Issue).

Q: Opinions on electrons? Why are they so negative like damn bro

A: I don’t really believe in science so I can’t answer this question. I also don’t fuck with negativity because I’m a lover.

Q: What should I get for lunch?

A: The answer is always a tuna melt panini!

Q: Top 3 shapes?

A: 3) Rhombus. It’s just really silly that we turn a square a bit and then call it something else. There’s a metaphor for life somewhere in there… 2) Circle. There’s also a metaphor for life somewhere in a circle. Something about cycles and renewal. 1) Trapezoid. Best shape of all time. No metaphor here, they’re just awesome.

Q: U gay?

A: I’m a lover.

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