Hall of Fame, Wall of Shame

Design by Anastasia Shilov and Arthur Deloit-Vilain

Welcome to “Hall of Fame” and “Wall of Shame”—an elevated take on my prior column, “Hot or Not.” Shoutout to my very first Internet-friend-turned-bestie for the new name.

Hall of Fame
The best part of being back is talking with everyone in person. Being Internet friends doesn’t do gabbing justice! 

I’ve been able to chat frequently because I’m taking three seminars, each once a week. My time spent in class is low these days, freeing me up for more important things, like rehashing every conversation I had the day before and scrolling on TikTok to find the precise quote slideshow that aligns with my emotional landscape. What could be better?

Wall of Shame
Imagine “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” but instead it’s “Name that Shameful Instance.” That’s what this section will be. 

Pierson Courtyard is on this week’s Wall of Shame. I know, it’s a hot take, but the Pierson dogs, Josie and Cairo, are no longer playing in the courtyard. My former Head of College left and selfishly took his dogs with him. I know my new Head of College has a cat, though. If the cat came outside, I’d be amenable to taking the Pierson Courtyard off the Wall of Shame. 

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