MUSIC. Ever Heard Of It?

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Ask Joehoru is a weekly column where Joanna answers her Instagram followers’ questions. DM her @joehoru or watch out for a weekly question sticker on her story to get her thought-provoking answers.

Hi guys. If you didn’t know, I am a music major. This means that I am the supreme authority on music and all my opinions on music are correct. In fact, I was the first person to ever discover music. This week’s questions are about music. 

Q: Favorite musician?

A: The Beatles. I was originally going to apologize for this answer but I’m done running… I’m done hiding…

Q: What’s the best Beatles album and why?

A: I really, really like Magical Mystery Tour. Haters will argue that MMT is not a real album and that it’s actually just a soundtrack. I don’t care. It’s my favorite Beatles album. It’s a journey. It’s a movement. It’s a trip (haha drugs). “Your Mother Should Know” and “The Fool On the Hill” got me through some hard times (I wish I was joking). It’s silly and fun and for the girls! And True Beatlemaniacs love the movie.

Q: What is the worst song ever?

A: There are a lot of awful songs out there. But as a music major, I am contractually obligated to enjoy all music. And as a Certified Lover Girl, I am contractually obligated to love everything. So instead, here are some songs that are not “the worst,” just bad!

“Let It Be” by The Beatles. It’s one of those songs that I add to my playlists because it’s objectively good, but I skip it everytime. 

“Trollz” by 6ix9ine & Nicki Minaj. Why would Nicki do this?

“Jokerman” by Bob Dylan. I don’t know what possessed him when he wrote this song. He’s so funny. It’s awful. His vocals are ridiculous and his riffs are infuriating. He’s also somehow managed to hack into my phone and play this song every morning. I also catch myself singing it randomly throughout the day. It’s like I’M possessed now. It’s so weird.

Q: What’s the song of the week?

A: “Jokerman” by Bob Dylan.

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