It’s The Great Pumpkin, Joehoru

Ask Joehoru is a weekly column where Joanna (JE ’25) answers her Instagram followers’ questions. DM her @joehoru or watch out for a weekly question sticker on her story to get her thought-provoking answers.

I feel that many people are surprised when I say I don’t really care much for Halloween. But I grew up Christian, so it’s not my fault. Anyway, I don’t feel the need to dress up in a costume and be silly for a night because my life is a performance. Everyday I put on my mask and face the world. I’m a bit like global gaming superstar Dream in that way. This week’s questions are scary.

Q: What scares you joehoru?

A: People who went to private school.

Q: boo?


Q: fav scary movie?

A: My Octopus Teacher.

Q: What should I be most afraid of?

A: Italians. They’re coming for you, whether you like it or not.

Q: One event in your life you’re convinced was paranormal?

A: In May I got a credit card (which, to my understanding, is supposed to be free money) but now I’m somehow $500 in debt. So that’s really weird.

Q: Joanna what’s ur halloween costume?

A: I will be Ryan Lewis of “Macklemore and Ryan Lewis” fame. Evan will be Macklemore. Don’t ask me who he is, it’s not really important. Let’s get back to me.

Q: If you were a ghost where would you haunt?

A: The stacks because I feel like I could probably find some ghost friends there. And we can have sleepovers or something. But not too often because that would be weird.

Q: Spookiest campus encounter?
A: I ran into Paul McCartney in the Underground after the talk he gave at the Schwarzman. He pulled me aside and asked if I wanted an autograph because he could tell I was a really big Beatles fan. I said, no Paul, no need, I’m not like the other fans, I don’t need that, I just want to shake your hand. He then shook my hand and told me the story about his mother coming to him in a dream and saying “let it be.” I said, Silly Paul, I already know this story. But also, ghosts aren’t real. So maybe it wasn’t your mom and you just made that up. He seemed offended, scoffed, and said that ghosts were real and asked if I had ever heard of Casper. I said, oh yea, I’ve heard of that little feller before, my bad. Then he said, well it was nice talking to you, I have to go. And I said, yea you too, happy Halloween by the way. And he said, wait it’s February why are you wishing me a Happy Halloween. And I said, oh don’t worry about it, I think this will just be a really funny story for my future column. And then he said, oh okay, you’re right and you’re a genius and probably the funniest person I know. I said, thanks Paul, I love you, and thanks for giving me your phone number. It was really weird of you to do that, by the way, but I’ll call you soon. And to this day, that was the spookiest campus encounter I’ve ever had.

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