Last Week, Fucked Around and Got a Triple-Double

Ask Joehoru is a weekly column where Joanna (JE ’25) answers her Instagram followers’ questions. DM her @joehoru or watch out for a weekly question sticker on her story to get her thought-provoking answers.

I’ve been watching a lot of basketball lately. And people who follow my Instagram seem to notice. Probably because I post about it. But I don’t just watch basketball. I also do other things. But basketball is probably the most important thing I do. That and this column. Okay keep reading.

Q: How do you feel about the new Minecraft updates to the mines?

A: It’s pretty good. I just get really overwhelmed by how big they are. And how many new ores there are. Like what do I use copper for? And why is there so much of it? God. I’m just a girl…

Q: How much is 9 + 10?

A: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Q: What were you like in high school?

A: Really awesome and funny. Very ambitious. Involved in too many things. Had shorter hair. Was in marching band. But in a really cool way. I was also a girl who would eat hot cheetos in the back of the class at 7:30 am. Subversive.

Q: What’s the best Jimmy Butler hairstyle?

A: I really liked when he had locs. It was a subtle troll. 

Q: Why are the Miami Heat so good?

A: They have really awesome fans (me). I like to believe I telepathically communicate with them through the TV. Butterfly effect, y’know. I’m yelling at them in my mind and that energy travels to them. So then they play really good because they feel me sending them bad vibes and they don’t want to make me upset. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m also a really big Miami Heat hater. They’re really sorry and only play good when they feel like it. Like how do you almost lose to the DETROIT PISTONS on opening night? To Killian Hayes? Give me a break. Might as well be the Cancun Heat because that’s clearly where their minds are. God. I’m actually an Orlando Magic fan. Matter of fact, don’t even put my name and the Miami Heat in the same sentence. They make me mad. They’re frauds.

Q: Is the championship window for Jimmy and Bam closed?

A: No. They’re only 19 years old.

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