Harold Recommends: 1/24/20

Ten things we’ve been listening to, watching, reading, consuming:


  1. Jaime — Brittany Howard (2019) ♫ 

    The former Alabama Shakes frontwoman gives us a musically warm, Southern hug.

  2. “Parasite” — Boon Joon-ho (2019)

    Total Oscar snub for sure—a witty visual masterpiece for those smart enough to read subtitles.

  3. “Uncut Gems” — Safdie Brothers (2019)

    Daniel Lopatin’s score makes you feel like a little kid in an arcade. Also, the film begins with Adam Sandler getting a colonoscopy—if that doesn’t attract you, idk what will.

  4. Ideas/Demos/Songs from 2013 — Jon Bap (2020) ♫

    Groovy and raw songs from this enigmatic LA beatmaker, psychedelic guitarist, and whimsical singer.

  5. “My Favorite Shapes” — Julio Torres (2019)

    Hilarious stand-up, mind-blowing endless glitter, and sparkly silver jumpsuits from the Brooklyn comedian.

  6. The L Word: Generation Q

    Not quite prestige TV, but quirky enough for a good love-hate watch (homophobic if you don’t enjoy it).

  7. Sex Education: Season 2

    A horny, deeply nuanced, and thoughtful journey into the vibrant and diverse realm of high school relationships.

  8. Miya’s Sushi — 68 Howe Street

    It’s closing at the end of 2020, so pour one out for the bois.

  9. The Soundcloud of the Founder of Snackpass

    Listen to these tunes as you gift bacon emojis to your friends.

  10. The r/ambien subreddit

    Peak humor.

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