Harold Recommends (1/31/20)

1. Ann Wants to Dance — Papooz

I’m no Ann, but boy, do I want to dance!

2. Gucci Fingernails of Billie Eilish at the Grammys  

Custom lime green patterns on razor-sharp manicured talons—spicy in a truly terrifying way.

3. Tiny Hand Fingernails


4. @godzdntdie instagram account

Always beautiful, sometimes disturbing aestheticc photos and captions to scroll through when in need of a mindless break.

5. Try Again, Ovrkast  

New mixtape with grandiose samples and xany drums from the East Oakland rapper, featuring Mavi and Navy Blue. 

6. Bojack Horseman: Season 6

We’re all sad this week idk

7. Watching School of Art Critiques

Ooh and aah at these stylish graduate students as they receive advice and wisdom about their photography, sculpture, and paintings

8. Link to the Soundcloud of Kevin Tan, Snackpass Creator



Mind-boggling kinetic sculptures from sculptor/engineer Theo Janen.

10. The Goop Lab

No, seriously. Watch your brain cells die one by one.

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