Halloween Unmasked: A 1970s Classic Gets the Podcast Treatment It Deserves

Illustration by Laura Padilla-Castellanos

October may have passed, but it’s certainly not too late to watch, or re-watch, the blueprint for modern horror: John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978). 

Going into 2020, I had yet to experience this revered, terrifying, endlessly ripped-off classic. Halloween Unmasked, an eight-part podcast about the history, legacy, and psychology of Halloween, inspired me to finally change that.

Hosted with expertise and enthusiasm by film critic Amy Nicholson, this 2018 podcast offers a fascinating look into Halloween’s storied production history and undeniable cultural impact. Nicholson also explores Halloween’s many sequels, its loyal fanbase, and the psychology behind its scares. While Halloween Unmasked features interviews with heavy hitters such as John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis, it also highlights, underlines, and italicizes the major yet often overlooked contributions of producer and co-writer Debra Hill.  

Not only is the original Halloween a thrilling roller-coaster ride on its own, but listening to Halloween Unmasked will also deepen your appreciation of the film itself and the horror movies that followed in its path.
So, grab a buddy, a blanket, and some hot chocolate, then watch the first of many showdowns between Michael Myers and the one and only Laurie Strode. Halloween Unmasked will be waiting for you when you’re done, full of stories, insight, and guidance.

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