Harold Recommends, Feb. 4

  1. Hottie makes a chicken: If you want to start your new semester out eating healthy, look no further than this inspiration from Flavor of Love
  2. WandaVision: Arguably one of Disney+’s best shows featuring our favorite dead Marvel characters!
  3. r/wallstreetbets: To the moon, baby!
  4. Reply All’s The Test Kitchen, Chapter 1: A new podcast series chronicling Bon Appetit’s sharp fall in public favor, starting from the very beginning. 
  5. Unisil by Sophie: Celebrate the life and legacy of the late iconic experimental pop musician Sophie!
  6. The Little Things: We’re starting to get the feeling that Jared Leto isn’t acting anymore
  7. Rosalia x Billie Eilish!: The two superstars unite to sing the most lush vocals of 2021 thus far
  8. Flowers for the Holidays: Who doesn’t want this in your dorm?
  9. Sound Ancestors by Madlib: the legendary and mysterious sampler and beatmaker returns with a new full album, featuring British DJ Four Tet
  10. Snow bear on Cross Campus: It’s ok, he’s not real. He can’t hurt you.
  11. BIG FIT MAKEOVER!: who else could ask for “The Wolf” and “Rodeo Joe” from our “Prep Elect”

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