Six Fun Quarantine Game Ideas

Graphic by Robert Samec

This pandemic has lasted long enough that you have probably exhausted your existing repertoire of games. To breathe new life into old games and to simultaneously reflect how thin the thread you’re holding on by truly is, we recommend you try these fun ideas yourself!

1. Five Lies and None of Them Are True

This game is a Two Truths and a Lie spinoff, but instead of telling two truths and one lie and then forcing your friends to guess which is the lie, you’ll be telling five lies instead. At the end of the round, once your friends have had time to mull it over, you reveal to them that everything  you told them was untrue! What fun!

2. Chess vs. Checkers

This is the ultimate showdown of games. Who will win? Chess? Or Checkers? Now, Chess is the clear favorite, bu- OH MY GOD IS THAT CHINESE CHECKERS WITH A KNIFE???

3. Anti-Strip Mask Poker

Anti-Strip Mask Poker is like Strip Poker, except it’s the opposite and also with masks. When you bet big and lose, you have to put more masks on your face. The goal of the game is to avoid suffocating to death.

4. Never Have I Today

Never Have I Today is like Never Have I Ever, except with things that happened today specifically. For example, you could say “Never Have I Today gone outside,” “Never Have I Today put on deodorant,” or “Never Have I Today had a meaningful interaction with another human being,” depending on how far gone you are.

5. Kiss the Bottle

This game’s title is a fun combination of the “[Verb] the Bottle” formula present in “Spin the Bottle” and the word “kiss.” In this fun new mash-up, you press your lips to a bottle of something that will kill the demons inside you (“kissing” it), and then you drink! The beauty of the game truly is in its simplicity.

6. “BS” But You Can’t Do Anything About It

This twist on the classic card game “BS” introduces a mechanic to reflect the times: when you call “BS” on someone, it doesn’t actually do anything. No matter how obvious it is that a person is lying, no amount of screaming, internal or external, can do anything about it at all. Eventually, the lies will absorb everything, and there will be no more truth to come back to.

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