Herald Recommends, 9/24

  1. Morris from Shang-Chi: someone buy me the plushie already
  2. Taskmaster: nothing better than watching British comedians slowly lose their minds
  3. The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer: there’s a reason it’s lasted, and the reason is that it’s horny as fuck 
  4. Any collaboration between Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar: top of the morning, top of the morning, top of the morning!
  5. The Almost-Legendary Morris Sisters by Julie Klam: nothing better than a good old deep dive into your roots, only to find out they’re not at all what you believed they were
  6. Ignorance: It’s bliss!
  7. Bliss: just choose bliss, it’s not hard
  8. Anything by Shel Silverstein: where does the sidewalk end??? 
  9. Goodnight Moon: prepare to sleep
  10. Iman’s dress at the Met Gala: slay

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