Letter from the Editors, 9/24/21

Leo Egger: Hey Ethan, how are you?

Ethan Riordan: I’m doing well, Leo! How are you doin’? 

LE: Dude, I must say I’m doing pretty swell, but I’ve also been better. I’ve been a bit fearful of acquiring AKA “catching” the Yale cold, AKA “Yold.” It feels like everyone around me is getting sick.

ER: Man, that “Yold” is really goin’ around. I guess even Covid’s got imposter syndrome. But, I’ve heard that there is a bit of chicken soup for the soul this week. 

LE: Oh, my good friend and colleague, Ethan, is there good soup?

ER: Oh yeah! Have you checked out this week’s edition of The Herald

LE: Ethan, I hate to get meta here, but if someone is reading this, they are already on the website, aren’t they? So… haven’t they already discovered this so-called chicken noodle soup?

ER: But, they’re only seein’ the soup…

LE: And if you keep reading you’ll get a big ol’… 


LE: Ethan?

ER: Yes, my good friend and fellow-Jew Leo?

LE: What are the best bites in this big ol’ cauldron of steaming hot SOUP?

ER: Oh, Leo let me tell you. Open your mouth wide for this choo-choo freight train holding a big ol’ bite of SOUP in tow! I recommend Jabez Choi’s piece, “What Do You Hide Behind Your Mask?” which includes touching vignettes about mask-wearing at Yale. Do you have any recommended bites in this vat of chunky and delightful grub?

LE: Oh why, I do! I’m so glad you asked. I strongly recommend Harry Rubin’s Opinion piece, “Frank of Partners”, which comedically discusses his experience looking at the Anne Frank mural on Crown Street.

ER: Oh wow.

LE: There are so many other great bites in this week’s issue.

ER: We can’t wait for you to sip up the warm soup and noodles.

LE: The choo choo train is pulling into the station. 

Ethan and Leo make choo choo noises. 

— Ethan Riordan (YC’ 22+1, resident Whiffenpoof) and Leo Egger (YC’ 23.5, resident toad)

Arts Editors, Yale Herald


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