Harold Recommends, 10/15

  1. Adele’s new single, “Easy on Me”: if one minute of the single on Instagram Live made me cry, what will four do?
  2. Dixie d’Amelio’s new single, “The Real Thing”: for duality and ironyyy.
  3. Dune comes out on Friday: Zendaya and Timmy? Yes, please.
  4. Gnomeo and Juliet: the forgotten classic. 
  5. Inanimate objects with faces: look at them!
  6. Public wifi hotspots: not all heroes wear capes.
  7. Crash Landing on You: you will feel things.
  8. Planking: we should bring this back.
  9. Finding a pet rock: rocks aren’t only for jocks!
  10. Kim Kardashian’s SNL Monologue: not a single person was safe from her comedic wrath.

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