Hallowoads Experiences


The Herald documents firsthand experiences at what is commonly known as “Hallowoads,” accompanied by photographs from the event. 

“I arrived at the Toad’s entrance to find a sea of restless, mostly inebriated Yalies discussing the prospects of making it inside. The line was long and unkempt, our chances growing bleaker by the minute. I began to regret my decision. But as the musty combination of spilled alcohol, old cigarettes, and sweat wafted into the crowd, the crisp October night became a little less chilly. I shoved through a bouncer and cramped doorway, easing into a field of costumed strangers.”

“Highlights of Hallowoads: turning 20 and walking into the men’s bathroom not once, but twice. Mid-Woadsing, the liquids in my body from my 20th birthday party wanted out, and I took myself down the stairs to the bathroom and turned right into the men’s bathroom where a bunch of Yale Men’s butts were staring right back at me. I quickly left disoriented from the experience, turned around in a frenzy, and walked right back in to be greeted again by the sight of 10 Yale Men relieving themselves at the urinals”

Woad’s was a great time until it wasn’t. Yale students dressed up in costumes drunkenly dancing to good music: what’s not to love? However, once the announcement rang over the speakers that said: ‘Anarchy is ensuing in the line outside. Everyone must leave immediately,’ I knew that the night was going to take a turn for the worse.”

“I thought it was a Halloween prank at first. The officer said the Fire Marshals were shutting it down because of capacity, but I’ve seen the line way longer walking by on any given Saturday. Definitely a bust for what would’ve been my first Hallowoads, but looking forward to a fun Halloweekend.”

“Who knew Yale had this many boys in ambiguous soccer jerseys? My phone died and someone spilled a vodka cran on me. So many people in chicken onesies!”

“Hallowoads was going great until I realized mid-dance that I had no idea where my phone was. I checked everywhere (floor, with the bouncers, outside in line, with the bartenders, every surface I could find) with no luck. Ultimately, I had to accept I wasn’t finding it that night and I luckily have great friends who made the night awesome regardless.”

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