Letter from the Editors 10/29

Our Beloved and Be-spooked Herald Readers,

Spooky season hath cometh, and you know what that means? Pre-game, Hallowoads, bus, club, another club, plane, YSO, next place, Rocky Horror, no sleep…it means dressing to impress (or distress). Who are you dressing up as: sexy cat Bustopher Jones, AKA James Corden in Cats (2019), or sexy rat, apparently also named James, AKA James Corden in Cinderella (2021)? (HINT: we already are). Both are sure to scare your friends!

Here at the Herald, October is definitely our favorite month. Don’t you love it, too? The leaves that crunch beneath your feet, the crisp, refreshing fall air whizzing beneath your nose, the pumpkins that OH MY GOD, THERE’S AN AXE MURDERER! HE’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU! 

Don’t worry, that was just a joke. But there’s plenty of other spooky stuff to be found in the following pages. Sophia Stumpf (BF ’25) tells us about the German Halloween of her past in Culture. In Arts, Lael Joseph (TC ’25) explores an American Halloween movie classic, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! And in Stitch, Saenah Boch (BK ’23) gives us a sneak peek of the chaos that ensued at Hallowoads, accompanied by testimonials from students at the scene.

So stuff yourself full of candy, pull up Vitamin String Quartet’s instrumental version of The Nightmare Before Christmas on Spotify, and peruse the pages of the Herald’s Halloween issue. 

Happy haunting!

Jacob, Maude, and Zach

Reviews Editors


Jk. It’s over.

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