Fall Fashion, by Somebody Who Just Doesn’t Get It

Illustrated by Cleo Maloney

One thing that nobody tells you about Yale is that the student body is impeccably well-dressed. For the first few weeks of the semester, I was trying to keep up, and for the most part (I think) I could. I wore skirts almost daily, my tank tops were getting the use they deserved, and jackets were nothing but inconvenient additions that made me miserably hot through September. But in the past two weeks, there has been a shift both in attitude and in color palette. Never having actually needed a real jacket before (being from Hawai`i), making a puffer look cute in October is beyond me. Since I will likely remain confused fashion-wise until the weather is back up to the 70s, to take my mind off of the deterioration of my personal style, here are my fall fashion rankings:

Cowboy boots: 12/10
I recently bought a pair second-hand. Did I need them? No. Have they changed my life? Possibly. Walking down College and Prospect at the 11:35 rush is the perfect moment to see all the ways Yalies are styling cowboy boots: dresses and tights, flared pants and big sweaters, and cowboy Halloween costumes. They’re somehow seamless despite the equestrian connotations, and they’re quite nice for fall. Wearing cowboy boots is like dressing up and dressing down all at once.

Turtlenecks: 10/10.
If you had asked me even three weeks ago, I would not have said that turtlenecks are the best thing since sliced bread, but now I am here, typing this in a turtleneck, content as ever. Turtlenecks minimize the need for a bulky scarf, making them immensely flattering and easy to layer. All I can say is that turtlenecks are absolutely fantastic, and I will be wearing them exclusively from here on out, which says a lot considering I have two.

Wool socks: 8/10.
Wool socks open so many doors. You want to wear open-toed shoes? Go for it. Crocs (especially platforms) with wool socks look so cool, so colorful, and bring more to the autumnal clothing conversation than most of us were ready for. The comfort of Crocs and socks make it a natural pairing and generally untapped choice. Some students have been wearing these colorful shoes with wool for warmth, and I love the color with gibits and a thick sock.

Sherpa lined denim: 7/10.
Warm, but is it warm enough?

Brown: 6/10.
Not as exciting as its orange and ochre counterparts, but still a very appropriate color for the season that is easy to mix and match. The resurgence of brown as the color has been exhilarating. What a time to be alive!

Scarves: 5/10.
The Scarf Question: When is the right time to start wearing these? I know it is November and we’re creeping up into winter, but I don’t know if scarves are meant for fall or not. They probably are and my warm weather dinosaur brain just assumes otherwise, but they prompt so many questions: what do I do with the scarf when I am inside? Do I take it off? Do I leave it on? Is a bigger scarf better? What if it becomes hot mid-day? What do I do with it then?

Long skirts: 4/10.
I thought they would be comfortable. I thought it was a good idea. 40 degrees in any kind of skirt without leggings or tights underneath is not a good idea, but I’ll still be wearing them because I refuse to dress for the weather.

“Going out” attire: -1/10
Absolutely not. I will not be wandering between Lake Place and Chapel Street in a little shirt ever. Please contact me if you know where to find a “fracket.” 

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