Harold Recommends

  1. And By And By: an art installation by the Herald’s own Leo Egger “on seeing and being seen” (Trumbull Gallery, Nov. 12-17, 2021; opens 6-9 PM): they’re woodblock prints and paintings! What more could you want? 
  2. Senior theses in theatre studies, Drinking Games & Pancasila: we love supporting student artists!
  3. A Room with a View: read the book or see the movie—they’re equally great, for once!
  4. Good Omens: get caught up now as Season 2 films
  5. The Power of the Dog (coming out November 17, 2021) starring Benedict Cumberbatch: no, he’s not playing Clifford 
  6. Snapchat: connect with your real friends
  7. Halloween candy: it’s still there and way cheaper!
  8. Items in the Bow Wow: get them while they’re free!
  9. The Sopranos: it’s okay to not be okay!
  10. This year’s top bird in New Zealand is a bat: it’s a very good bat

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