Harold Recommends

  1.  Aminé for Spring Fling: we back and better than ever.
  2.  Squardle: better than Wordle.
  3.  Sedecordle: better than Squardle.
  4.  Worldle: better than Sedecordle.
  5.  Chicken finger day at BK dining hall: they got pad thai sauce.
  6.  Insider trading: it’s like trading, but from the inside. 
  7. The band Alvvays: put both their albums on a loop and relax into a dream pop wonderland.
  8.  The ten second rule: there’s an element of crime in all freedom…
  9.  POKÉMON GO: those pocket monsters are still out there!!!
  10.  POKÉMON STOP: wait, they’re endangered!!!!!!!

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