Letter from the Editors (Mar. 6, 2022)

Hello fellow dilettantes,

We’ve returned. Another week, another issue. We churn these things out like crazy if you really think about it. It’s hard work week after week. Soliciting dozens of random strangers for their writing, chasing them down (via email) like loan shark lackeys when they don’t make a deadline, picking apart the details of their inspired journalism and heartfelt worldviews; this is what it takes to assemble a compelling issue. But it’s worth it! It’s better for everyone in the long-run. The proof is in the pudding! Where does that expression come from? Intuition tells me it’s from a murder mystery taking place at a fancy dinner party. Like: Aha! The murderer cooked the person into the pudding to eliminate evidence! See? This issue is answering some big questions. Sorry, here’s the pudding.  

In Features, Arthur Delot-Vilain, DP ’25, talks about Librex’s recent shutdown and what we can see as its legacy while Amal Biskin, TD ’25, takes a look at Yale’s rush culture and how that structures students’ social lives. In Opinion, Aaron Magloire, TD ’23, offers his view on the ethics surrounding being an artist, primarily through Kanye’s broadcasted personal issues. In the Arts section, Daniel Blokh, TD ’24, contemplates the current war in Ukraine and what can be learned about it through the Russian cult-classic film Brother.

Thanks for picking up an issue. We hope you take some time to chill out and reflect on what’s been happening here at Yale and the world around you. You deserve the break! We’ve got good things in store this time around.

Apologies for the pudding gimmick,
The Opinion Editors
Luis and Gage

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