Letter from the Editors (The Sex Issue, Apr. 4, 2022)

Dear reader,

You’re probably thinking to yourself, Are they really doing an entire sex-themed issue? We sure are. Is it a ploy to increase our readership? Yes. It is because we love sex? Also yes. We’re not ashamed to admit it. Clearly.

In the following pages, there are sexy-times galore. In Features, Lydia Kaup (SM ’24) explores hookup culture at Yale through the lens of religion. In Opinion, Josh Atwater (TD ’24) takes a deep dive into the world of the open relationships of queer men. In Voices, a writer reflects on why they don’t do one night stands anymore. And in Sci+Tech, Catherine Kausikan (GH ’25) ponders the history and philosophy of aphrodisiacs.

We may be past cuffing season, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to find love this semester. And while that may sound like copy for Datamatch, at the very least, we hope the Herald Sex Issue encourages you to get out there and live a little.

Reviews Editors
Lauren, Maude, and Zach

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