Harold Recommends (Sept. 15, 2022)

  1. Using the Yague as an excuse to be a bitch: I actually don’t want to get a meal.
  2. The YUAG African collection: before art was stifled by colonialism.
  3. Going to random film class screenings: don’t be put off by how weird film majors are. 
  4. Grouping your Chrome tabs: color-code your way out of personal crisis. 
  5. Backpacks: we know that tote bag weighs at least ten pounds. 
  6. Isa Rae’s Rap Sh!T on HBO: watch that shit.
  7. Speaking in a British accent: the Queen is dead. Long live the King.
  8. Listening to Selfish by PNB Rock: we know it’s the only song you know…
  9. Commons flavored syrup: doctors say that each squirt adds a year to your life.
  10. Talking on speakerphone in public: you’re right, the world does revolve around you!

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