Quiz: How Superstitious Are You?

1. Do you open umbrellas inside?


B. NO!

C. Sometimes!

2. How many rabbit feet do you own?

A. Zero.

B. Three.

C. None of the above.

3. In what scenario would you break a mirror?

A. If my friends were doing it…


C. Only in anger or in lust.

4. Fill in the blank: Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have _____

A. A pocket full of penny!

B. Good luck!

C. A hearty appetite!

5. Which type of door would you rather knock on for good luck?

A. A metal door.

B. A wood door.

C. Heaven’s door.

6. Uh oh! There’s a ladder in your path! What do you do?

A. Scale it!

B. Take it home so no one can walk under it!

C. Make ladder soup! Just like Mom used to make.

You got:

Mostly As: You are not superstitious, and that’s okay! You probably live on the 13th floor with a black cat and loving it! Slay!

Mostly Bs: You are so superstitious! You call your mom to pick you up when your friends are breaking mirrors, and you throw a hefty pile of salt over your shoulder daily. Pop off, superstitious girlboss!

Mostly Cs: We don’t really know about you! Sometimes you’re superstitious and sometimes you’re not and that’s very cool and mysterious. Keep living your truth, queen!

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