Five Sweet Sounds My Classmates Miss When I’m Muted on Zoom

  1. My cheers as I rewatch the “Top 5 Guido Pitstops in the Cars Franchise.” Guido performs the fastest tire changes in Piston Cup history! He is so suave.
  2. The deafening cacophony of the 13,000 buzzing bees I keep trapped inside the drawer of my nightstand.
  3. My roommate shouting, “for the love of god Hilary PLEASE turn down your Rascal Flatts,  I’m trying to listen to my ‘Bio, the World, and Us’ lecture!” and me shouting back, “why do you even WATCH the lectures for that class?”
  4. The thud of my stray elbow knocking the drawer open and the menacing crescendo of bees pouring out. “This is the last time,” they hiss.
  5. The scream of ambulance sirens as the medics rush to revive me, prostrate on the floor and swollen with the venom of 13,000 bee stings.

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