Graphic by Robert Samec

i’m so sad 
the branford dining hall is under construction 
i mourn with the students 
where is the grilled cheese 
i used to eat the crusts from the trash 
now i must forage from bertie insley-say’s food dish 
i would post an infographic to advocate for grilled cheese but i cannot, 
for i am a rat! 

i’m no remy 
i am not a chef 
i’m just a rat who lusts for grilled cheese 

you used to care
you wrote ydn op-eds
about how closing the dining hall was the worst tragedy to befall your college in decades 
ben, why have you abandoned me? 

why have you forsaken me? 

another day, another empty stomach 
dreaming of golden days, scampering between the feet of students 
collecting crumbs of baguette, bits of gruyere 
for my children, edward and michael 


this f**king rat wants grilled cheese so f**king bad

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