Harold Recommends, 9/25

1.  AUNTIE by Ian Isiah  ♫

A funky album by the one and only singer, artist, and fashion icon. Produced by Chromeo and featuring Onyx Collective.

2. Fathoms: The World in Whale

An incredibly unique literary debut with stunning lyricism and thoughtful deep-dives into environmental issues. 

3. The Devil All the Time on Netflix

One day Robert Pattinson will hire a dialect coach. But, today is simply not that day.

4. Black Is King by Beyoncé

Although released earlier this year, something to always come back to. Stunning, mesmerizing, and completely graceful from start to finish. 

5. All In: The Fight for American Democracy

Register to vote!!!

6. ALICIA by Alicia Keys: feat. Sampha, Tierra Whack, Miguel, and more.

Grounding and authentic music tied together by a series of eclectic and engaging pieces.

7. 21st of September

Welcome the fall in styleee.

8. Dogs might be able to smell Covid???

Trained at the Helsinki Airport, our four-legged friends might save the world

9. Da Vinki

10. Lesbian Earrings are Taking Over Tiktok, and They’re Wild” 

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