Missed Connections

Graphic by Yuri Bong

New York City Missed Connections 

Harvey’s Bagels — Saturday, Jan 31  

You were the girl ordering a bagel with lox and cream cheese—simple. I was the guy ordering a bagel with bacon, egg, cheese, sub bacon and cheese and adding avocado and tomato, actually just a side of avocado and tomato… I’ll have it without the bread. And egg whites. I just got back from LA and my nutritional advisor says starting the day off with carbs sets your digestive system up for failure.  

You were wearing a floral shirt, I think. I was wearing a wonderful pair of Levi’s vintage denim recommended by an artisan at my favorite Detroit flea market. They fit incredibly well. My shirt was green and red. No, it wasn’t Christmastime, but the shirt has a timeless beauty, and I wanted to wear it. It makes me feel festive and warm and kind. It reminds me to enjoy the present moment and be present in my body.

You had a bag? Maybe? Did you have a name? But you bumped into me, and I think I remembered you. I was struck by your piercing blue or brown eyes because they reminded me of my own deep, light but somehow rich, piercing blue (but more hazel-ish) eyes. People often say my eyes are my best feature (but I prefer my legs).

Missed connection. :/ You missed your opportunity to connect with me.

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