Harold Recommends, 2/28

1.  Schmear & Loathing in Lox Vegas from Book Trader A midterm guilty pleasure with a fantastically crafted name! 2.  The Boring Talks by BBC Sounds A cute little podcast filled with

Head-to-Tail, Fin-to-Scale, Root-to-Fruit

“It’s really not that deep. I like to cook,” Annie Cheng, ES ’20, told me when I asked about the multi-course dinners she regularly hosts out of her Dwight Street apartment. Last

Nourishment in New Haven

At the end of January, Yale celebrated Citrus Week. In dining halls all across campus, students were furtively dumping Cara Cara oranges into their backpacks, slicing into blood oranges to see their

Meditations on Lush

It’s 5 p.m. on the dot, but already the line outside 150 York Street curves around the side of the building and flows onto the street. Every now and then a car

Harold Recommends (2/7/20)

1.   Good Days — Sweatson Klank  ♫ Delicious, genre-transcendent LA beats with groovy yellow cover art 2.   Shubh Saran Live at the Saybrook Underbrook  ♫ Hosted by the Undergraduate Jazz Collective, the

The Case for Kielbasa: New Haven’s PolMag Deli

Under the shadow of the stately, red-brick St. Stanislaus Polish Catholic Church stands PolMag Deli—New Haven’s authentic Polish deli, founded in and family-owned since 2016. Located in the quiet East Rock neighborhood,

Millennials: Three Industries We’re Destroying

Millennials aren’t just any snowflakes—we are vicious snowflakes in Elsa’s tumultuous ice storm, terrorizing the economy and traditional industries until they are driven to their cold and inevitable deaths. We are far

Breakfast Gone Masc

I go home to San Diego, Calif., only twice during the academic year: winter break and spring break. Though I always look forward to spending time with the sacred home-from-college triad of