Harold Recommends

    1. Not going to Hallowoads: there are things to be busted at home 😉
    2. Stealing the aux at Hallowoads: I AM THE DJ NOW. 
    3. Whipping out the Monster Mash at Hallowoads: oh wait…
    4. The Witch (2015): there’s also a spooky goat!
    5. Black licorice: eat this to appreciate every other Halloween candy ever more!
    6. Holding a cup against the YSO auditorium door: feeeel the music
    7. Elvira Presents Haunted Hits playlist on Spotify: time to get spooky
    8. Watching Dune at 1.5x speed: only downside is even less Zendaya
    9. Clay-cracking videos: your new internet obsession
    10. All Cheerleaders Die (2013): somehow becomes the very trashy movie it aims to mock!

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